A book plate for Books 1 and 2

Hi there,  I hope you enjoy the new books, as some of you might have heard the original books had lovely endpapers which the new American manufacturer is unable to replicate at this time.  It made me sad to think that the opening page would be plain white, so I have made a little book plate for you to download and print.  Of course you are welcome to make as many as you fancy for your home library.  I would recommend printing them on a nice off white cotton paper for a real vintage feel.  Enjoy :)


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Hello, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your books to my grandchildren. I was searching your website to see if I can order Book 3 but found no news. Can you email me any information about pre-ordering?

Also, I came across your printable book plate and it’s wonderful. I plan to print them as and bring them on my next visit to both families! Can you tell me at what size should it be printed? I will have a couple sets made at Printonyx here in Friday Harbor. Thank you, Kathleen Ard

Kathleen Ard

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