Visit the Rookscroft & Company Store in lovely Friday Harbor, WA.

If you are visiting Friday Harbor on San Juan island pop into our new store and say hi.  We are located on Spring Street, which is the main street in town, just a short walk up from the ferry landing on the right side.

What our customers are saying.

"I came over to Friday Harbor for a day and came across Rookscoft & Company. From the moment I walked in, I knew it was something special. The atmosphere felt unreal, I haven't ever been in a place that felt so magical. As I looked around, the shop clerk greeted us and told us about the artist and their world was fascinating and whimsial. It made my stay at Friday Harbor, please go and support the store!"

"What an amzing artist and such a fun little shop. Such a magical experience walking into her shop. I am simply obsessed. Rookscroft & Company will bring about a nostalgic feeling and will make you creatively think like an adolescent. If you go anywhere in Friday Harbor this has to be the place!"

"This artist is magical. Her work is incredible; creative characters beautifully painted. The stories behind her characters are so imaginative. This is the next JR Rowlings about to be discovered. Buy some of her work now before its out of reach!"

"Like stepping into a delightful little universe of its own! The artist is a wonderfully friendly lady, and her creations are beautiful! Each little personality is charming."