Book 1 All Feathers and Hats is here!

Book 1 All Feathers and Hats is here!

Rookscroft & Company

Book 1 All Feathers and Hats is finally here!

The books arrived this morning and I am excited to share them with you. If you would like to purchase a copy you can click on the button below.

If you enjoy the book please consider leaving a review, I would really appreciate it and so would Vernon (especially if you mention how handsome he looks).


As some of you may know, the original books are missing at sea. These new printings are by an American company and they are very lovely, however the endplates are white and I wanted to offer you something to make them a little more special. I have designed a little bookplate for you to add if you fancy. The link to download the image is on my blog and you can get there by using the button below.


Book 2 The Circus of the Crescent Moon will be here in a couple of weeks, as soon as it arrives I will send out a newsletter.

Take care, have fine times and don't spare the treats!


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