• Aunty Winnie Knitting

    When the dark damp days of late winter feel like they may never end, take a short walk through a tunnel of trees where you will find the kind of smile and sympathetic ear of dear sweet Aunty Winnie.

  • Ben fishing the Bitterroot

    Ben was none too happy to hear that I had painted his portrait.  Maybe it was a touch of shyness but more likely he thought the painting revealed too much about the location of his favorite fishing spot.

  • Madge and Connie

    The wheat parts, heads turn, and here they come strutting by.  Believe me, no one wants to be the subject of these ladies’ private conversations!  So dress well, stand tall, smile and don’t forget to compliment them on their fine hats.

  • Dr. Samuel Foxton

    Such a dashing and wonderful fox, seen here in his little study where he spends much of his day between patients.  Fredrick has the fastest mind and keenest eye of any creature I have met.  A wonderful medical practitioner and a dear friend, unless you happen to be a chicken!

  • Little Eddie by the Bay

    Sweet, solemn little Eddie loves to sit by a tide pool by the bay.  I have seen him there from time to time, warming his paws on a sea urchin bowl of chowder, his little toes wriggling in the icy water.

  • Elsie Reading Tea Leaves

    Deep in the wild woods Elsie lives alone, in a red and green caravan tucked between the vast trunks of ancient trees.  She knows the old ways and the art of telling fortunes.  So hurry up, sip up your tea and she will read your future in the leaves.

  • Frank and the Gift of Italian Plums

    Frank toiled in the tree from early morning, gingerly climbing through the slender branches, then carefully picking three perfect plums which he cleaned and placed in an old robin’s nest for a special gift.

  • Genevieve the Brave and Noble Rooster

    Despite what some men say, the beauty and the bravery of the old west is not gone.  It is alive and kicking, strutting and clucking in our own backyards.  Genevieve is a hero, a fierce yet noble fellow who roams the range, spurs a jangling….slow, easy, confident and sure.

  • Harold

    In the twilight of a warm summer evening, down by a pond in the cool of the woods, Harold sings his welcome to the first sparkling star.

  • Henry

    Little Henry dreams of adventure on the wild green sea.  His favorite treasure is a tiny model of his father Whittington’s fishing boat, cresting a wave of swirling blue clay inside an old glass bottle.

  • Jack Fogg

    Captain Fogg, a bootlegger, travels up and down the coast on his steam powered schooner “The Obscura,” and is known by some to sell his moonshine in the bay under cover of darkness.

  • Judge DP Bonneville

    In all the deep and wondrous oceans there are few as steadfast and true as the Honorable Judge DP Bonneville.  An expert in matters both human and pinniped, his quiet wisdom and knowing smile help guide us through life’s choppy waters. 

  • Kizzette

    Kizzette spends long summer nights at the speakeasy, draped around the neck of some hapless fellow, flashing her eyes and sipping champagne.

  • Katenka

    Katenka once travelled with the Russian circus accompanied by her fellow performer and dear friend Oleg the Magnificent.  Although her spectacular high wire act, grace and beauty made her a star, she secretly yearned for something more.  She found her dream not in crowds, fame and adoration, but in a humble cottage by the sea with her beloved Whittington.

  • Old Bear of Blaydon

    Legend has it that this bear hitched a ride on a cargo ship from the wild woods of Scotland and when he reached the East Coast he just kept going until he found a home in the even wilder woods of the Pacific Northwest.  He spends his days gathering honey and tending his old still.  If you see him, just keep walking!

  • Oleg the Magnificent

    Witness acts of hypnotism never before seen, performed by the world famous Oleg the Magnificent!  Marvel at his unique entertainment, free from optical illusions and trickery.  Tickets limited.

  • Quentin

    Meet Quentin, a fine and feathered dandy, here captured in his shabby hat.  A lovely fellow, onlookers swoon at his dreamy stare, such a hopeless case!  He spends his days writing poetry and languishing in the rose bed, and his nights wandering the moors.

  • Sarah Stockton in Red

    Through the gray and endless drizzle of late autumn, Sarah can be found…..jauntily trotting over fields, her snug red jacket buttoned tight against the wind, off to visit her friends in the chicken coop.

  • Vernon Cotterill

    What a fellow!  Here he is standing tall amongst the corn stalks, eager to be noticed and tell his tales.  No bride or groom are going to bask in the limelight while he is about.

  • Victor

    High up in his tree top roost Victor silently watches.

  • Mrs. Violet Foxton

    Violet is a creature of serene grace and beauty, here seen in her drawing room wearing her best locket and shawl.  You may notice her left ear is slightly cocked to one side as she listens for her children waking up from their nap.

  • Whittington

    Whittington’s family have been fishing the San Juans since his Great Great Grandfather Sampson was a small kitten.  The seas may be rough and the wind may howl, but nothing will deter him from setting out on his fishing boat in search of supper.  Rumor has it that his wife Kitty puts a little fish oil behind her ears to lure him home.

  • Wild Bill

    Wild Bill the wanderer loves to sit by a warm camp fire and entertain friends with his songs of days long gone and tall tales of life in the wild woods.

  • Pip

    In the soft fog of early morning, sit quietly on a rock by the bay and you might spot Pip, head down, wandering the shoreline looking for clams, oysters and ribbons of slick salty seaweed that he cooks into a delicious briny stew.

  • Samuel Rumbason

    Samuel is first mate of the Obscura, a rum runner captained by the infamous Jack Fogg. ​Known to his friends as "Sippers" for his habit of sampling the cargo, this hearty fellow has frequently drank to such excess that he has fallen overboard and been pronounced lost at sea.

  • Mordecai

    As lookout of the Obscura, Mordecai's cunning wit and sharp eye, keep the crew entertained and safe, out in that mystical realm far from shore. 

  • Bartholomew

  • Elliot