In praise of a sunny beach

In praise of a sunny beach

Welcome Friends!

This morning I walked through a field of wildflowers, down to a cove speckled with sparkling sea glass.

The island is radiant in its beautiful summer colors, and the sea is as still as a millpond.

So join me now and i will tell you more about dear Whittington and his family.

Whittington lives by the sea with his wife Kitty and their son Henry in a neat little cottage overlooking the harbor. He has a lovely green fishing boat named the Cullen Skink (after his favorite dish), and you can often find him mending his nets when he is not out at sea.

His son Henry loves to be on the beach with his friends Pip, Eddie, (who takes great care to keep his hat dry) and young Elliot, who plays the penny whistle. They dream of pirates, buried treasure, and wild adventures far from shore.

When Kitty heard that her friend Agnes had moved to a nearby island, she was thrilled and wrote a lovely long letter of welcome, but when she tried to send it, she discovered, to her dismay, that there was no postal service that could transport her mail across the narrow stretch of water between their homes.
That evening, while talking with Whittington by the fire, he happened to mention the currents that flowed like clockwork between islands, and an idea was born in her mind.
Kitty wasted no time taking action, and a few days later, the tidal post began.
Letters are carefully rolled, slipped into blue bottles, placed in specific tidepools, and carried out to sea by the tide. They fall into currents and ride to their destinations, where they are collected from the beach when the tide goes out.
This ingenious method is now used by many of the island's inhabitants to communicate with one another and is one of the things that make this place so unique.
Next time you visit the beach, keep an eye open; you never know when you might spot a little blue bottle glinting in the sun.

I was walking near the harbor last Sunday when I came across this very handsome fellow who has agreed to be painted. His name is Stan, and I will tell you more about him once I find out.

I have sketched him up on a nice-sized canvas, and I can't wait to get started on the painting once my new brushes arrive.

Well, hello, beautiful!

Jayne has asked me to write something about the beach, but I'm not much for the sea. The salt messes with my plumage and don't even get me started on the wind and my hat. Try as I might, I just don't see the appeal. Perhaps I could be persuaded onto the sands if I were offered a getaway in a tempting location Portofino perhaps, but I digress.
Robin and I have been keeping a good eye on things from our favorite sunspot outside the study window, and I was taking a nap when Jayne came bursting out of the house, eager to show us this lovely picture made by the very talented Aimee Lewis. Thank you Aimee
I'm going to put this in a little frame beside the bed, you have captured our likeness perfectly, and Robin loves that you included his little bow tie.

Well, well, is it that time already? We've been promised a slice of banoffee pie for elevensies, which is Robin's favorite, so I have to run.

Until next time

your feathered friend


I hope you enjoyed finding out a little more about our home.

Take care and don't forget to make time for a cup of tea and a nice treat.


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