October at Home

October at Home

Welcome to the island in the fall.

(Picture courtesy of Ben the Otter)

I'm often asked about the little possum with the commanding voice who makes a small appearance in Book One. It seems that he has captured some hearts so with his permission I am delighted to feature Mr. Percy Pybus in this month's newsletter.

Mr. Pybus lives in a small room at the back of the church where, it is rumored, he spends a great deal of his time eating.
As you may know, possums are not native to the island, but it is my understanding that he arrived here after falling asleep inside an old hat box that was shipped over for a wedding. Now he must have been very small at the time, for having met him now, I can't imagine there is a hatbox in the world that could hold him.

He spent his early years living under a hedge near the orchard where he could enjoy nature's bounty until one day, during a heavy rainstorm, he sought warmth and comfort in the back of the church and, while there, helped himself to the wine and bread. After gorging himself, he took a well-earned nap and was resting peacefully until he was rudely awoken by a parishioner who poked him with the end of his walking stick.

It is said that upon waking Percy began to speak and all present were instantly enraptured by his deep and sultry voice. Infact he was so imperssive that within the hour had been offered the job of reading from the "Great Book" at gatherings in exchange for lodgings and leftovers. An offer he graciously accepted.

He now presides over every kind of ceremony and is a very jovial fellow, especially when there is a good spread to be had.

The picture below is again from book One. I painted it from memory after he had taken a funny turn in the church. If you have read the book, you will know he made a complete recovery, and I am happy to report that he is currently engaged in organizing this year's Harvest Festival, where he will be judging the pies, cakes, and breads.

Quentin and Robin are traveling home on the high seas; they took a few extra days to look around the lake district but set off last week from the Liverpool docks on a vintage liner.

Last night I received this telegram, and I'm sure they won't mind me sharing it with you; the house is so quiet without them, and I can't wait for them to return.

And finally, our 2023 Calendar is here!

If you would like to buy a copy for the very reasonable price of $14.50 please click on the link below.


Have a wonderful week and as always don't spare the treats!

Take care

Your friend


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