The golden days

The golden days

Welcome to the island in late fall. I thought you might like this picture of a spindle tree that grows here, it's one of Sarah's favorites, and I painted it into the background of her portrait.

What more perfect character to welcome in the golden days of late fall than Miss Sarah Stockton.
If you've read book two, you will know how we initially met and how she "introduced" me to little Robin and today, I'm going to tell you a little more about her life here on the island.

Sarah lives in a neat little home to the left of Foxes Lane, just past the church on the way to the larch woods. Her house was originally built by her grandfather. He considered Sarah to be the most diligent member of the family and the least likely to burn it down. Her parents were avid cooks who enjoyed a tipple while making dinner, and more than one disaster had been averted by Sarah's keen sense of smell.

Her family relocated to their ancestral home in the wild woods as they disliked living close to others and wanted to return to the old ways. But Sarah being bookish and curious, loved the library her Grandfather had built and taught herself to read and write.
Her natural common sense and level-headedness made her an essential member of the community, and she helped write letters and deal with petty legal disputes between neighbors.
Her life was simple and not without the pleasures of an occasional glass of wine and some roast foul (her manner of social justice could involve the removal of a particularly troublesome individual). Life carried on in this way until the day she visited Rookscroft and began a new life of comradeship and adventure fit for the pages of the books she so treasured.

I made this little sketch of Sarah when I visited her at her home; we shared a lovely afternoon together. As I was preparing to leave, she picked up a fine quill pen and wrote my address into her journal, and I took the opportunity to capture the moment.

My little bakery bookstore is coming along nicely, and I thought you might like to see a picture of the progress. The mouse and chipmunk who will be sitting on the sofa are currently gracing my fall shop window, and I'm dying to add them when it's time.

I've been spending most of each day working on book 3, and I'm excited to be able to tell you that I am almost done with the first draft. I can't wait to get it edited and printed so I can share it with you!

Hello friends,
We are finally home from our travels, and I feel we got to see a good bit of England, even if it was mainly the North. Our last stop was a week in the lake district, and I have only one word to describe it, water...and a lot of it at that! Water in the lakes, water pouring from the skies, and don't even get me started on the effect it had on my plumage, all I will say is that I was not at my finest.

And so, to the Kendle Mint Cake. I ordered a slice with a nice hot cup of tea, and I can tell you there is nothing cake-like about it. Apparently, it's made for the serious outdoorsman...The kind of chap who likes to hike the fells in the above-mentioned rain while eating a pat of mint-soaked sugar.
Of course, that's not a world I know much about, preferring to spend my time in front of a fire with a nice book, so I switched my order to a cream horn but Robin...Oh, Robin! The moment that mint cake touched his tongue, he was a goner. He ate the whole slab! The ensuing sugar rush had him talking twice the usual speed (if you can believe such a thing). He set off for an adventure in the mountains, I watched him from the window, and he barely made it to the gate before returning, but the idea of striking out stayed with him for the rest of the afternoon.

And the worst is yet to come; today, we went up to the bedroom to unpack, and when I opened our case, I discovered that Robin had removed most of our belongings and left them behind so that he could bring home two enormous pats of that confounded mint cake!

His breath will be lovely, but I do fear for his beak!

Take care and stay warm; winter is coming. I only wish I had my favorite wool blanket, but it's been left behind in Kendal.

Wish me luck


I hope you enjoyed this letter from the island.

Enjoy every day and take care.

Your friend


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