Beauty by the sea

Beauty by the sea

Greetings friends!

After all the Thanksgiving guests had left, Quentin, Robin and I took a walk down to the sea. There had been a king tide the day before and the ocean swells were stunning.

I hope you had a lovely holiday.

This time, by popular demand, it is my pleasure to tell you a little bit more about my dear friend Robin. After we first met, I picked up my sketchbook and drew a quick picture of him. Little did I know that the tiny, shy bird who poked his beak out of a basket of vegetables in the pantry would become such a dear friend.

We spend such happy times together here at the house. Robin loves the gramophone, we found it in the attic, and it is now set up in the study, and he loves to dance to his favorite song, "When the red red robin." It's very hard not to laugh, and so delightful to watch as he hops back and forth along the edge of the table.

Robin loves to learn, and he just adores books. He loves to spend time in the study, where we have a library wall. He's fascinated by all kinds of subjects, including the weather and geography. His very favorite book is about mythical creatures, and I often find his scaring himself by looking at the sea monsters on old world maps. Quentin is a bit naughty and sometimes hides behind the book (it's propped up so that Robin can easily see the pictures) and makes frightening noises. He has also told Robin that the monsters can squeeze up through the plughole in the bathtub, making him somewhat cautious when he is in there.
I find it impossible not to be happy when that dear little bird is in the room, he's always up to something, and he's always so full of life.

I hope you have a friend like him too :)

I've never seen pictures of me before. Am I really so small? I saw the picture that Jayne made of me looking at the sea monster book, and it scared me; she painted me very close to the monster at the bottom of the page; it could just reach over and... they eat ships you know, so a little bird like me would be just a snack. Have you ever had Thanksgiving? We had Thanksgiving last week, there were lots of friends, and they had ever such a lot of things they were thankful for. I said I was thankful for Kendal mint cake because it tastes so fresh, and Quentin said he was thankful for earmuffs, but I don't know why. Then I drank some custard, then I was dancing., then I was asleep. I'm glad that jayne wrote about me because I feel a bit famous now and famous people are called stars, and I like stars, and that's why I would like a telescope, but I'm a bit scared of the dark so I would have to look for them inside.
Yours truly

I'm still working on the little tea room. I've been painting the front of the building and trying to keep a steady hand as I attempt to do a decent job with the lettering. I still have a way to go with it, but I couldn't resist sharing :)

Well, hello there!
I hope your Thanksgiving went better than ours did.
Jayne invited half the island, and all of them must have accepted as it was standing-room only. The Foxtons showed up with their little brood, all dressed nicely and bringing the obligatory gifts.
They were barely through the door when Violet asked, "will you be serving turkey?" just as Vernon, Connie, and Madge walked in behind them! Well, Jayne and I glanced at each other in that odd blend of horror and amusement I know only too well, and I'm happy to report that she kept her composure and replied, "Of course, we serve Thanksgiving dinner to all our guests isn't that right Madge?" To which Madge (who had not heard Violet's initial question) responded, "We'll if you are serving me, I take my Brussel sprouts roasted but still firm with a glass of sweet sherry." and disaster was thus averted.
I was exhausted when they were finally gone. Robin does not seem to appreciate the danger of dining with the sharp-toothed kind and perched on the edges of several plates while lost in conversation over dinner. He also drank advocaat, mistaking it for custard, and proceeded to dance back and forth on the table until he fell asleep among the bread rolls...It's a wonder he's still with us!
The following morning we went for a lovely walk to clear our heads; since then, I've been staying by the fire in the kitchen, it's defiantly growing colder, and the rest of the house is rather drafty. Jayne is working till all hours on Book 3 right now, so she hasn't had much time for baking; I think there are just two scones left, so I'm going to try and persuade her to pop them into the oven for us and put the kettle on.
Until next time dress warmly; I would recommend two pairs of socks just to be on the safe side.

I hope you enjoyed this letter from the island.

Happy thanksgiving.

Your friend


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