​Behind the house, at the top of the field, a little gate leads you out into the lane. Take a left and it dips down before beginning to gently climb through a woodland of shimmering alders as it leads you along toward the Wild Woods.


In a sunny clearing, not far from the house, you can find the little woodland pond where Aunty Winnie lives.  I think it must have been a favorite spot of Fritzl's as he planted a wonderful gunnera on it's banks.


Back on the path that winds uphill keep an eye out for a deer trail that leads off to your right.  There you might be lucky enough to spot Harold's house with it's charming green front door.


Mossy rocks and lush ferns carpet the ground in shades of green and the happy tunes of song birds give way to the shrill cries and hammering of woodpeckers and mischievous calls of ravens who watch you as you ascend. 


Climbing higher the silvery alders make way for majestic evergreens that reach up toward the sky. This is home to wise wolves who sing their eerie songs by moonlight, and round eyed mountain lions who silently watch as you pass by.