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Rookscroft Book One : All Feathers and Hats (Paperback)

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One morning in late summer, a pheasant suddenly appeared at my studio window.  At first, I was startled, but this quickly turned into delight when I realized he was wearing a top hat.
I made my way to the door to catch a glimpse of him before he fled, only to find him standing in front of me on the mat.  To my amazement, he began to speak!  He introduced himself as Vernon Cotterill and asked if I would be willing to paint his portrait.

And that, my friends, is how this whole adventure began...


This delightful little book tells the story of Vernon Cotterill, a very fine pheasant indeed, who visits Rookscroft on a lovely fall day, introducing us to a world of fascinating and charming creatures.

Richly illustrated with full color sketches.  100 pages.

Hardback version available here.