The fruits of late summer

The fruits of late summer

Welcome back

Late August is a time of plenty when the old trees in the orchard are heavy with fruit. If you look carefully you might just spot Frank's ears as he walks through the tall grass.

I found this little picture in my sketchbook, and it reminded me of the morning when I looked out of the kitchen window and spotted a little ladder propped up on the side of a crabapple tree. As I watched a slender hare descended carrying a basket.

He slowly made his way between the fruit trees before disappearing into his home in the hedgerow.
A few days later, I saw him again, and this time introduced myself, and after a little chat, he agreed to let me paint his portrait.
Frank is such a quiet, sensitive fellow, and when he came to view the final painting, he brought along a gift of plums that I made into a crumble.

When you are in the garden or walking by an overgrown field, keep an eye out for a pair of long ears; you never know, they might be attached to a new friend.

In my last newsletter, I mentioned that I was working on a portrait of a lovely fellow named Stan who loads boats on the docks. When I asked if he would like to be painted, he replied that he was flattered but suggested that I paint his son Tom instead. They look remarkably similar, so it only took a few adjustments, and I was happy to oblige.

Stan is very proud of his son who has just secured his first job working onboard The Obscura as its navigator.

Tom's such a bright young otter, and I'm so happy he has joined the crew; I know that Jack Fogg could do with a level-headed fellow on board (after all, he has old Samuel Sippers to keep in line). I have heard that Tom has a twin sister who is wild and feisty, and I'd also love to paint her if I am lucky enough to meet her in my travels.

Well hello again my dears and welcome,

Did you see that crumble recipe? I do hope you try it, Jayne insisted on making one to be sure she had written it down correctly, and I can smell it baking from here in the study. I don't want to burn my beak, so I'll be patient, but I can't wait to get a nice big scoop with a cup of tea!
And speaking of the study, I found this little sketch Jayne made when she was painting Frank; that lovely red velvet chair by the fire is a favorite spot for Robin and I to curl up of an afternoon

And here's a picture of the dear bird himself on his favorite stack of books.
Trust me, he may be small, but he's a full-time job, that one!
...Oh here comes our afternoon tea, so until next time, take care and don't spare the treats!

~ Quentin

I hope you enjoyed this letter from the island and if you do get a chance to make the crumble I hope you have the opportunity to share it with friends. . Summer will be fading soon so take the time to enjoy each day.

Until next time.

Your friend


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