Winter is upon us!

Winter is upon us!

It's definitely cold and wet outside and the summer flowers are dying away.

Time to light a fire and drink a hot cup of tea while enjoying the sweet smell of woodsmoke.

When I think of winter, I think of Elsie, who lives above the snow line in her beautiful caravan. You can read all about how we first met in Book Three, I've had so much fun thinking of that time and creating art to share with you, and I hope someday you have the pleasure of meeting her too.

I painted this simple sketch of her home in the snowy field from memory after the first time I had the pleasure of visiting her.

And this little picture is set inside her caravan where she read Quentin's tea leaves (hence the tiny cup in her huge paws).

Elsie's tea leaf reading mix is one spoon of Earl Grey to three spoons of black tea with a healthy pinch of Lapsang souchong. It makes a lovely refreshing drink, and the various sizes of tea leaves are perfect for reading.
Some people swear by special cups, and others have books with pictures they can match with the patterns of the leaves, but Elsie tells me to just read it with an open heart, and you will be guided, so I'm passing this advice along to you.

I have been working on illustrations for book three, and it's such fun to be painting images from the world of Rookscroft to share with you. Book three takes place in the Wildwoods, and it's a blessing to be able to look out of my studio window and see the wild beauty that inspires us all.

Hello this is Robin, Quentin said I could write and say hello as long as I didn't make too many run-on sentences but I don't know what they are so I'll try not to, but if I do I'm sorry.
Have you ever tried Kendle Mint Cake? I have and it's very nice, I would offer you some to try but I've eaten it all and I'm sorry about that, but you can get some too if you go to the lake district in England. If you do can you send me a little? I've been trying to make some in the kitchen but I don't have mint and I don't have sugar so it's been a bit tricky. Jayne says when she goes to town next she will get me some ingredients but she hasn't gone to town today because it is raining.
There is a watering can on its side in the flowerbed under the study window. It's a bit leaky but I ate lunch in it yesterday, that's when I finished the last piece of mint cake, it gave me lots of energy. Quentin said I was bouncing off the walls but I don't remember doing that; I was dancing though, have you heard of a song called "when the red red Robin comes bob bob bobbing along"? That's my favorite song and just a nip of mint cake lets me practice for a long time.
Quentin is taking an afternoon nap and I don't want to wake him up because sometimes he can be a bit bitey.

Goodbye for now


I hope you enjoyed this letter from the island.

Enjoy every day and stay warm.

Your friend


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