Sad but sweet

Sad but sweet

Sad but sweet

Dear friends,

I'm sorry I haven't written sooner, but the last couple of weeks have been very busy indeed.

My little Friday Harbor store is almost empty, the boxes are packed and carefully stowed, ready for their ocean journey, and now I can turn my attention to the house.
Everything feels bittersweet, and it's hard to see the road ahead. I will miss my friends and the wild beauty of this beautiful place, but adventure awaits so I keep my mind on packing.

I hope you are all well and staying warm.


I'm currently working on the illustrations for book 3 and wanted to share this little sketch with you. It was made after we met Judge DP Bonneville, and little Robin had the opportunity to study his most prized possession, a very old book of ancient maps.
The Judge found the book in the belly of a wrecked galleon wedged above the cove between two rocks. The old boat must have sat there for a hundred years or more and held many treasures that he now proudly displays in his study.
Behind them, you can see the old window from the captain's quarters.

Just imagine all the wonderful sights that have passed by those old panes of bubbled glass that now look out over the bay!

Here is a little oil sketch of Quentin from memory, he was taking off from a forest clearing on a rather blustery day and I couldn't resist painting it. He isn't very keen on the finished work as he isn't wearing his hat but I'm posting it all the same.

Hello, again, it's me, Robin.
It's all very exciting right now and a little bit scary too, we are packing up our things in boxes for an adventure, and then we are going to put them on a big boat and go over the sea and then we are going to get them back out on the other side. And that's the plan and also to have fun, and eat cake, and drink tea, and dance...Because dancing is good for the feet and the heart and when you dance you are part of the music. I like music, did you ever dance to an old song? In the old days, the world wasn't in color yet, and sometimes there wasn't speaking, only music, and I like that.

Quentin says it's time for a nap soon. This morning, I came down to the kitchen when it was still dark, and I watched as the light came in. In the beginning, before it gets very light, everything looks blue and grey; there isnt much color when it's early, and I like to pretend I'm living in the old days again, listening to my favorite song.

I hope they have music where we go.
Bye for now.


Dear Friends,

He isn't waffling on about the old days again, is he? Goodness me!

Last week we got out an old projector and watched a film on the bedroom wall. It was a bit of an old thing; people tottering about on an old city street, and as there was no sound...Jayne put a record on the gramophone, and Robin has talked about nothing since.
Now he wants a little straw boater hat for the summer, and he is practicing what he calls his "fancy footwork" when he should be packing. In short, he is being a bit of a handful, but it's hard to be mad with the little chap, he's always in such high spirits.
I myself have been helping Jayne by making a detailed list of all the items she places in each box so that we will know what's what when we get to the other side. I feel a little worn thin by it all, and sometimes a little blue. Then I remember all those glorious roses blooming in England this summer, and when I imagine lolling under them on a warm afternoon, I find the strength to go on.

I need tea with a nip of the good stuff, so I'm off to the kitchen.

Keep your beak up!


I hope you enjoyed this letter from the island.

Your friend


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