Dear friends,
My little shop in Friday Harbor is finally empty and everything is packed safely away, ready for the next adventure, so now it's time to turn our attention toward the house.

As it's been raining over the past few days, and we've made ourselves at home in the study, surrounded by books and other little comforts. I really need to find more trunks so we can safely pack everything away, but they're out in the hayloft and I'm finding it difficult to motivate myself to go out there, it's just so cold and wet outside.

So we've been keeping ourselves busy, cataloging things and rediscovering old favorites wile we stay warm by the fire. If we don't pick up the pace, I feel we'll never leave, but it's such a wonderful way to spend these cold afternoons, and a few more days of procrastination can't hurt.

I hope you are all keeping well. Thank you for all your kind messages of encouragement.
Stay warm and dry


The study is one of my favorite rooms, Where I keep a constant fire in winter. I love the light for painting as it faces north and has several tall windows (in the picture below, you can see Vernon peeking in).

Hello it's Robin.
I've been looking at books for days and days, and Quentin has been helping me make lists of all the titles so we can find them again after the trip.

Do you like books? I do; they take you on magical adventures. I was reading one yesterday, and it had a drifting island in it, and I'm thinking that maybe this is a drifting island that we live on; I'm not sure how to tell, but maybe it is, and then perhaps we can set it free and it can travel all the way to England. You see, if it does, float, then we don't have to pack anymore, and Jayne won't have to go out in the cold and climb up into the hay loft because we don't need trunks. If it does float, we can just ride over, and we will be safe from all the monsters of the sea because they can't get up the hill to the house, and that's because they have flippers, not legs.

Have you heard of the jet stream? It's air that moves about, and it affects the ocean currents; I'm reading a book called "Currents of the Atlantic Ocean"; did you know that there are places in the sea that move like rivers? If the island is a floating one, then maybe we could get in a stream and drift along like a boat, then the water would take us right to the other side of the world. And we could make sails that could help too, and then we would be there in time for Easter, and I could get a chocolate egg, a big one I could use as a house; that is until I eat my way out.

I think Quentin wants to say a few words now.

Bye bye


Dear Friends,

Oh, heaven help me with Robin!

Last week it was all fancy footwork. This week, when we should be sorting out the books ready to pack them away, he spotted one about ocean currents or something of the sort, and now he is convinced that we can float the island over! It's current this and current that, and he keeps opening the window the check on the direction of the wind. The only currants I care about are the ones in my scones, but that little bird is obsessed!
Do you know that last night, when we went up to our room, the bed was unmade, and the sheets were piled in the corner of next to the window? I don't know how he managed it, he's barely the size of a pear (and a small one at that), but somehow he had wrestled them off the mattress and was planning on sewing them together to make a large sail... You know, for the Atlantic crossing...I feel my sanity beginning to slip; I truly do!

Thankfully Jayne is making a pot of tea and bringing in some cake and... speak of the devil, here she is now with a nice slice of Madera! She's passed him a big slice so at least we'll have peace while he eats!

Time for a treat, so until next time, just be thankful you're not living with a quail and keep your beak up!


I hope you enjoyed this letter from the island.

Your friend


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