This is the path that leads from the gates of the house all the way down to the sea.


On the way down to the beach you pass a beautiful grassy field where a community of foxes live in a lovely underground village.
On a sunny spring morning you can watch as the lovely young
kits explore and playing together in the sun.


​If you search along the coastline you can find a cove with a glittering grotto where Judge DP Bonneville lives.


The walls of the grotto glow and glisten with the beautiful shells that line its walls.


The tidal post way is a great way for residents of all the islands to communicate with each other.  I'm not sure of the specifics but it is my understanding that there is a tide table with times and  locations where you can leave your message  in a bottle and it will be carried across safely to its destination.


This little bottle was just delivered by the tide, inside is a rolled up letter...How exciting!


I spy the Obscura!   Out in the bay, on its way to the cove is the famous steam powered schooner  captained by Jack fogg and first mate Samuel Sippers, with Mordecai keeping watch from the crows nest.


​Looking out to the north, past the snow covered mountains hangs a glowing harvest moon whose golden reflection illuminates the lagoon by the shore.